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Нефть взлетела на ожиданиях решения американских проблем Цены на нефть отскочили в четверг, 10 октября, отразив рост уверенности инвесторов, что президент США и республиканцы смогут прийти к соглашению по спорным вопросам
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ул.Екатерининская (Большевистская), 87

тел/факс +7 (342) 239-34-14
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+7 (342) 239-35-65
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Rambler's Top100

Aleksey Chervonnykh
Position: General Director
Contact information: +7 (342)2-393-414, gendir@permoblneft.ru

Graduated Perm Teachers Training University with excellence in 1992, Specialty: English and French languages. In 2005 continued higher education and
graduated Higher School of Financial Management of RF Government National Economy Academy, Moscow. MBA “Strategic Finance”. Studied Strategic Management
and Finance abroad (Geneva, Switzerland). Speaks English and French fluently. Before JSC Permoblneft, he worked as 1st Category Expert, Lead Expert for
Commercial Bank Inspection Department of CBR for Perm Region; Head of Exchange Department, Head of Treasury, Financial Director for a number of credit
institutions in Perm. Since 1997 – Financial Director, Head of Internal Control Department, since March 2000– Deputy Chairman of Board for AKB
Ekoprombank. Since 2003– JSC Permoblneft Financial Director, General Director. During this period he has developed the Company Strategic Development
Program, defined the key data of Samoilovskoye and Krasnoselskoye oilfields long-term development project.

Svetlana Chigodayeva
Position: Financial Director
Contact information: +7 (342)2-393-404, chigodaeva@permoblneft.ru

Graduated Perm State Technical University with excellence in 2002, Specialty: Enterprise Economics and Management. Professional training in Budget
Management. Latest advanced training in December 2006. In October 2007 she entered Higher School of Financial Management of RF Government National Economy
Academy, Moscow, Specialty: International Accounting Standards: Consolidated Financial Reporting. She started her career in 2001 as an economist and since
2005 she has been a JSC Permoblneft employee. For the 2 years she has been promoted from Lead Economist to Financial Director. During this period of time
she took an active part in determination of the key data of Samoilovskoye and Krasnoselskoye oilfields long-term development project.

Sergey  Yeremenko
Position: Deputy General Director Legal and General Issues
Contact information: +7 (342)2-393-414, 

Graduated USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs Academy, Moscow, Specialty: Legal Science. From 1985 to 2003 he worked for Chief Department of Internal
Affairs of Perm Region as Operating Officer, Head of Information, Analysis and Planning Department, Head of Intelligence Department, Deputy Head of High
Technology Crime Department, Deputy Head of Operating Search Department. Since 2003 -  JSC Permoblneft Deputy General Director Security, Deputy General
Director Legal and General Issues

Victor Zhukov
Position: Chief Engineer
Contact information: +7 (342)2-393-565, 

Graduated Perm Agricultural University in 1974, Specialty: Agricultural Mechanization. Certified in Rules of Safe Operation of Underground Structures in
2001. Advanced training in Oil-and Gas Industry Machines and Equipment in 2003. He started his career in 1977 and is experienced in the position of
Operations Manager for a number of oil producing companies of Perm Region, including NGDU Krasnokamskneft of Permneft Group. JSC Permoblneft employee
since its foundation in 1985. He started his career in the company as the Head of Operations Service Base and promoted to the Chief Engineer. With his
active participation was created the technological park of the company, he was the project manager for construction of one of the largest production sites
of the company in Vereschagino, well service and workover manager. His experience in oil production includes successful implementation of Ocherskoye,
Nezhdanovskoye, Travninskoye, Vereschaginskoye and Sivinskoye field exploration and development projects in Perm Region..

Marina Novikova
Position: Chief Accountant
Contact information: +7 (342)2-393-433, buh@permoblneft.ru 

Graduated Perm State University in 1982, Specialty: Accounting. Advanced training in Accounting and Taxation in 2002. She started her career in 1982, and
has been working as a chief accountant since 1991. She has a profound professional knowledge of business accounting in companies of different forms of
ownership and various business areas and knows general reporting principles in International Accounting Standards. JSC Permoblneft Chief Accountant since
2002. During this period of time she has proved her professionalism in the most critical situations with tax authorities. She provides bookkeeping at the
highest level, which is confirmed by positive annual audit reports. She is in close contact with LLC Lukoil-Perm, knows its specific requirements to
accounting and reporting in Russian Accounting Standards.
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